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Kien Nam Group is the trademark of Kien Nam Co., Ltd which has headquarters in Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Officially founded in 2001, the company has a professional team of experienced architects, engineers and over 100 skillful workers. We are a professional main contractor for construction and M&E system. We have performed many projects throughout Vietnam that invested by both foreign and domestic companies in which scale of foreigner appropriate over 90% of total revenue

With over 18 years’ experience in applying modern construction materials to the building exteriors and interiors. Kien Nam Co., Ltd. has has contributed into Vietnam’s architecture with a modern and unique look. Especially, We have performed great job for foreign partners in Ho Chi Minh City. Bien Hoa I Industrial Park, Tan Thuan Industrial Park, Vinh Loc B Industrial Park, Tay Ninh Province, My Phuoc III Industrial Park - Binh Duong Province, Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park  such as: Wane III Project (USA, 65000 m2); Ashton Furniture Consolidation (USA, 50 000 m2); New wide Vietnam (Taiwan, 230 000 m2); Huge Bamboo – My Phuoc (Taiwan, 67 000 m2); Huge Bamboo – Bau Bang (Taiwan, 100 000 m2); P&D ( Singapore, 10 000 m2); SOB (Austria, 10 000 m2)….

Our motto is "Your business is our business". Kien Nam Co., Ltd especially concentrate in the word "TRUST" in the business, we wish to bring to satisfy from beginning to ending of every project. Our company is doing the best effort to get our clients’ trust through our outstanding services

+ Quality of products and services

+ Reasonable price

+ Conscientious warranty policy

+ Technical and absolute safety  in execution


When working with us, our clients will not only be satisfied with our beautiful projects but also feel satisfied with our customer service.

During 18 years of constant devotion, we are honored to have long-term cooperation with our customers and they have recommended us as the best quality and reliable main contractor to new customers.