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Senior Living Resort


                      In 2017, Kien Nam Nursing Home Co., Ltd. was officially established in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - a member of Kien Nam Group. ith the viewpoint of "Life is meaning when sharing. Sharing is never loss ", Kien Nam Group has established Kien Nam Senior Living where the elderly are served with the best and familiar as their house.

                   As you know, Vietnamese society and economy is growing. The living standards of people have been improving, the average age and the proportion of elderly people in Vietnam is increasing that leads the demand of living in fresh air environment , especially, the need for nursing and health care for the elderly is more concerned. In modern life, the tendency of the elderly to go to senior living resorts will become an indispensable trend in the future.

                  According to population prediction of General Statistics Office, 2010. Vietnam will officially enter the "aging" period from 2017. In reality, it is more common in Vietnam that older people still have to work to earn money to live; evenly the elderly are also the main laborers in the family in many rural areas. In addition, health care for the elderly is still largely self-care at home.

                  Through research and analysis, the Board of Directors of Kien Nam Group is deploying to the construction of the Kien Nam Senior Living Resort, with high quality and international standards are the best solution for the elderly who want to enjoy the rest of life in Happiness – Healthy- Meaning.

                 Kien Nam Senior Living can bring relief to the elderly. The project is designed to meet different demand of customers with flexible price levers and the best service. We also design the guest house to  welcome overseas guest who visiting their parents.

Always follow the motto:

- For the elderly: "Dedication - Respect - Gratitude"

- Environment: Fresh- Clean- Beauty

Kien Nam Senior living will have scale of 320 members  built on 32,000 square meter site in Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh

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